Hangover 3

Hangover 3 movieWe love The Hangover movie because is one of the best comedy movie ever. The Hangover 3 movie is a possibility to make The Hangover a trilogy, one of the best trilogy comedy movie ever. About The Hangover 3 movie Ed Helms says: "I doubt it. I don't think Todd would let that happen... I would hope that The Hangover kind of has a dignified legacy, if that makes any sense."

There are a lot of rumors about The Hangover 3 movie at this time one of them told that "Britney Spears To Star In The Hangover 3?" This rumor aper after an Twitter interview with Britney Spears fans when she revealed that she want to become part
of the third movie "The Hangover". About the release date for The Hangover 3 I say that could be in summer 2013 probably.

We don't know to much about The Hangover 3 movie at this time, but if there will be Hangover 3 for sure Hangover 3 trailer will be here. Let's hope that The Hangover won't disappoint their fans all over the world and we will have third movie.

Hangover 3 One thing is for sure: There will be The Hangover 3 movie and as we know at this time Hangover 3 release date is set for summer 2013. Is a long time to wait until the third part will be released but will be worth. First part was released in 2009, second part in 2011 and now the third was expected to be released in 2013, but as we know officially the release date is in 2014 (from imdb).

When Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover first two films, was asked at a press conference at the launch of the second part of the film, if he will make a third part, he said noting, "of course, I think you realized from the beginning I intended to make this movie a trilogy".

Those present laughed, appreciating the shade ironic statement, however, Phillip's reply had a serious side, it explains that, although not yet talked about it, because filming the second part of the movie just ended and will still consider to make The Hangover 3 movie, if the public will ask.

However, the Hangover 3 will not follow the same "format" of the previous movies and will definitely be the last, ending the adventures of four friends. The director said he already has an idea of the continuation.

A rumor about The Hangover 3 is that Dublin or Amsterdam will be the next place following Las Vegas and Bangkok, where Phil, Stu and Alan will have again a hangover.

The Hangover had revenue of $ 467 million worldwide and certainly the money will flow after the release of Part Two. Which fully justifies a part III of the story, even in the same format.